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Great Gorean Zoo . Up in they sky, stretches the Great Gorean Zoo, a wildlife Preserve. A spacious, interestingly landscaped area hosting  ALL of the known Gorean animals, and birds, and insects, and fish, and reptiles. The Great Gorean Zoo is a teaching facility with information dispensers at each animal exhibit giving details on each species on display. The arrival area has a tea house that doubles as a small meeting room. Visitors take a winding path through each of the over 60 species exhibits, and more than 200 animals, which loops around back to the beginning. (A check-list is provided so you don't miss any) The park-like area is a favourite for Goreans to take a pleasant walk or to relax, enjoy nature and Gorean wildlife while sitting on one of the many benches provided.
Over 200 species are exhibited and dispensers provide information of the animals along with relevant Novel quotes
Great Gorean Zoo Radio Commercial 
Video Tour of Great Gorean Zoo
Gorean Campus Zoo Commercial http://goreancampus.com/zoo.htm