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Sea Sleen Tavern (on Campus South) From the Campus Library take the bridge and walk over to the adjacent Sim, Campus South.  The first building on the left is the Sea Sleen tavern, constructed in the spirit of as a port tavern, similar to those in the Novels of Port Kar.  The tavern gets its name from the sea sleen that inhabits the water channel. A full kitchen, with cooking ovens, clean-up and washing objects, and fully stocked with food.  All manner of utensils, drinking vessels and Gorean beverages.  Interesting dance pit in the centre surrounded by tables with seating cushion. The tavern serves as a kajiri training facility for classes in cooking, serving and tavern dance.
across the bridge and into Campus South, is the Sea Sleen Tavern, named after the sea sleen that inhabits the water channel
video tour of the Tavern