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Gorean Measurement
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Gorean Measurement & Direction Var and Ki-Var. Var means a turning toward the Sardar, almost like facing north. Ki-Var means not turning to the Sardar.  But, Ki-Var is never used as a designation or direction on a map. The Gorean compass is divided into eight quadrants, as opposed to the four used on Earth. Starting with Var, in clockwise order, then comes Ror, Rim, Tun, Vask (also known as Versus Var), Cart, Klim and Kail. There is also a system of longitude and latitude figured on the basis of the Gorean day with Ahns, Ehns and Ihns. "But surely," I protested, "its existence could be discovered. One can't hide a planet the size of the Earth in our own solar system! It's impossible!" "You underestimate the Priest-Kings and their science," said my father, smiling. "Any power that is capable of moving a planet--and I believe the Priest-Kings possess this power--is capable of effecting adjustments in the motion of the planet, such adjustments as might allow it to use the sun indefinitely as a concealing shield." Tarnsman of Gor A Gorean compass commonly has a luminescent dial and needle. The needle always points to the Sardar Mountains. It may also have a chronometer on the back. You press a tab to open the back panel and reveal the time piece. A Pasang is about seven-tenths of a mile. Most travel distances are expressed in pasangs. Speeds are also expressed in these units. A Hort equals 1 1/4 inches. Ten horts equal a Gorean foot, which is about 12 1/2 inches long. Height is normally expressed in horts. There are tape measures that are marked in horts. An Ah-il is the distance from the elbow to tip of the middle finger, about eighteen inches. This is similar to an Earth cubit. Ten ah-il equal one ah-ral. Cloth is commonly measured in these units. Ah-ils are not used to express height. GOR - Earth U.S. - Earth Metric 1 HORT - 1 and 1/4 inches - 3.2 centimeters (approx) 1 GOREAN FOOT - 12 and 1/2 inches - 32 centimeters (approx 10 horts) 1 AH-IL - 18 inches (approx) - 46.15 centimeters (approx) 1 AH-RAL- 180 inches - 461.5 centimeters(10 ah-il) (approx. 15 U.S feet) (approx. 5 meters) 1 PASANG - 7/10ths (.7) of a mile1.2 kilometers A Huda equals five tefa. Six tefs equal one tefa, a tiny basket. A tef consists of a handful, with the fingers closed, of produce. A Stone equals about four pounds. A weight equals ten stone. Weight is normally expressed in stones. A Talu is equal to about two gallons. There is an official Merchant's Stone, Weight and Foot. The Stone and Weight are solid metal cylinders while the Foot is a metal rod. They have been standardized by Merchant Law and are kept near the Sardar. Each city also keeps their own standard and can compare it to the official ones at any of the Sardar Fairs. Each Merchant will also keep their own standard that they can check against their city standard. Less scrupulous Merchants may use deceptive standards to cheat their customers. 1 GOREAN STONE - 4 US pounds - 1.8 kilograms (approx) 1 GOREAN WEIGHT - 40 US pounds - 18.14 kilograms (approx 10 stone)
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