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Gorean Campus, slave training, Gor, Gorean
                                             Gorean Campus invites you to enshrine those who were very special in your life on a banner, on the sacred walls inside the Memorial Centre at the Campus in SecondLife. A respectful, peaceful, place for those who have left us in real life.  Or those that have vanished unexpectedly from SL (for at least 6 months). A message note card is given to those who visit your banners. Your are always welcome to pay your respects at the memorials.  Campus has been on SL Gor since 2011.  Approved memorial banners will remain forever. The memorial banner will also be placed here on the website. Please donate to Campus what & when you can to Campus, to help cover costs to maintain Campus SL sims, events and this website.  We wish you most well
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For Those we will Always Remember
in the end, all that really matters are the memories we leave behind and the lives that we have touched
any amount helps