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Lounge On the bottom floor in the Court Building we have a seating area and a sunken sitting square, which we call the lounge. It can be used for such things as small meetings, classes, or dance. It is also a pleasant place to meet with friends or study. The lounge also has a large screen that can show films, YouTube videos, slides & images. The lounge is also the location of the Campus OOC movie presentations.
the Lounge is in the bottom of the court building and is a comfortable place for discussions and seminars
Often feature movies are screened here, and, of course, everyone is welcome to attend. The sign on the wall to the right of the screen will contain information of the name, date, and time for the next film along with instructions on how to watch the films in SL.  To watch films on this screen, you need to have a recent version of Quicktime installed on your computer so you will be able to enjoy our OOC movies with us. On the right side of the lounge is the builder’s office and a teacher's lounge for faculty members use.
video tour of the Lounge