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Laws & Rules
                                             LAWS: 1)   Campus governance is not democratic. The decision of the Chief Moderator on all matters is final.  2)   Those who breach the laws of Gorean Campus can expect ejection and/or a permanent ban.  3)   Normal standards of Gorean behaviour appropriate to a role are expected to be observed by Goreans. 4)   Normal standards of Gorean dress appropriate to a role, are encouraged in public places, Gorean free women are not required to wear veils. Non-Gorean visitors are most welcome if tastefully dressed. No child avatars are allowed. 5)   Campus is an educational facility. Campus sims are ‘Moderate’ rated (not adult).  Public sexual activity on Campus is prohibited.  Public nudity is not permitted.  Genitalia and female nipples must be covered. Some closed kajiri classes and events are exempted with permission. 6)   Assault of any kind on any free person is a crime.  Attempts to have anyone unwillingly leave Campus sims is a violation. 7)   Attempts at forcible rape or force collar is a violation.  The victim will teleport away, and immediately report the perpetrator. 8)   Theft or willful damage of Campus property is a crime. 9)   All slaves wearing a Campus collar are the property of Gorean Campus and administrated by Campus Slaver. 10)   All Gorean Campus kajiri (those collared to the academy) are sexually & travel restricted with permission of Campus Slaver or the First Girl. 11)   The creator of Campus was a free woman. By tradition, all kajiri are encouraged to kneel in tower, as a default position on Campus, and Campus owned slaves are expected to tower as default position on SL Gor.  Of course an owner's instructions and commands of the free take precedence. 12)   Poaching or recruitment of free or slaves, for any purpose, on Campus property or using Campus communications, is strictly prohibited and offenders may be banned. All students, teachers and staff are protected from harassment and safe while on Campus sims. 13)   Gorean Campus is an OOC academy, not Role Play sims.  The duties and of teachers and staff and the studies of students are not to be interfered with.
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RULES: 1)   Linden Labs 'Terms of Service" are in effect and will be adhered to on Gorean Campus                                                   Linden Labs TOS 2)   Moderator decisions may be appealed to the Chief Moderator.  Appeals must be made in writing (by notecard) with all appropriate unedited evidence. 3)   Those who breach Campus rules can expect ejection and/or a permanent ban. 4)   The Campus sims are no combat, no force-collaring and no abduction. Sparring & combat training may occur in designated locations. 5)   To assist in lag reduction, there is no need for combat meters, nor weapons on Campus except during combat training and then meters should be set to arena mode. 6)   Gorean Campus is a place of learning, disrupting classes, and rude or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. 7)   Griefing, willful damage or depositing of prims will be reported to Linden Labs and may cause permanent ban. 8)   Teachers are in control and responsible for their classroom & courses.  Anyone disrupting or disturbing a class will be immediately ejected by a moderator, upon request of the teacher.  9)   Avatars on Campus are expected to contain below 101 scripts and use no more than 3mb memory. 10)   'Tip Jars'  are installed for Campus teachers and performers.  Donations received are automatically sent at the ratio of 66% to the teacher/performer and 33% to the sims.  11)    No permanent items will be built or rezzed on Campus  without explicit permission of Krista, owner of Campus sims. 12)   All Campus Groups, Campus website & blog are for the purpose of disseminating information about Campus classes and events only.  Advertising Non-Campus events and places is prohibited. 13)   Any use of copyrighted material on Campus must be credited to the creator and use-approved under the copyright laws of the State of California, the United States of America and the International community. Distributing pirated copies of John Norman's novels is strictly forbidden. Violators may be reported to the authorities and permanently banned. 
effective immediately Lady Jan Janette Inglewood (1962-2017) Gorean Campus Creator December 16th, 2011 revised by Krista,  Campus Admin OOC January 8th, 2018
LAWS & RULES  of  GOREAN CAMPUS   Chief Moderator:  Krista (Krista1k)   Moderators: Dani (Sirilisbeth), Emi (Emirsyn), Flavius (GnaeusFlavius) Minty (Mint Knipper), Nash (Nashtin), Blessed Rafayil (Kitten Serpente)Praeses (DaySheild)  ~  Laws & Rules are administered and enforced by the Moderators and Campus Staff  ~  These laws and rules apply to all areas of both Gorean Campus, sims;  the Gorean Campus and Gorean Campus South as well as Gorean Campus groups.