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Intermediate Scribes Outline
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Pre-Requisite I highly recommend that you first complete the Basic Scribes course, which is also home study. However that is not mandatory.

Time Frame

IScribe classroom students complete a section each week and I suggest you try to

keep to that or at least a section every two weeks. But there is no deadline.

Other Languages

The course is presented only in English.  Assignments and tests must be in English.

Using a translator is acceptable. 


Don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions.   If needed I may assign

a mentor to help you.  If I am unavailable, please contact my girl Krista (krista1k)

she is knowledgeable about I-Scribes and Campus courses.

Group Membership A scribe in SL Gor should belong to the following groups: Blue Caste of Gor, Gorean Campus, LEGAL ACADEMY OF GOR- CLASSES If you require invitations to any of those groups please let me know. Handouts In your folder are the handouts and basic forms a scribe needs. Submission of Assignments To assist me in organization please title your assignments like this example I-Scribes #1 - Your name (eg Krista) Credits This class has evolved over eight years from input and edits by Jarvis Quan, Paul Florent, Ladies Lilyana, Skylar and myself.  The I-Scribes course is property of the Gorean Campus and may not be reproduced with written permission.
                           Intermediate Scribe Course
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