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Inn & Tea House . The Inn is the ‘co-ed’ social facility for faculty, staff, and students to mingle and socialize. There is a fully stocked kitchen filled with quality food and drink. In the far corner is a sandpit for tame dancing. Both Kaissa and Zar boards are available for those who wish to play. Up the stairs on the second floor are four pleasantly furnished rooms, readily available for anyone wishing to stay temporarily on Campus. If you wish to use these accommodations please check with one of the campus girls and they will get you settled. Outside the Inn you will find a rude bird, gifted to the administrator, and two marmots in their holes, who were brought here from the old campus sim and are highly valued mascots, so please do not harm them.
the Campus Inn & Tea House is a few steps from the docks & across from the Court Building
video tour of the Inn & Tea House
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