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Medical Infirmary . The Campus has a vibrant medical faculty and hosts many medical classes and courses.  The Infirmary is fully equipped with an array of medical devices for students to learn the skills needed to heal the sick and injured. Have a look inside at each of the rooms and also the second floor. There are free and slave treatment rooms, a birthing room, recovery room, and a research area. The infirmary is the equivalent to a 'teaching hospital.'  Many greens from other cities occasionally use the clinic as well because of its safety and having much less lag than many cities. The infirmary is open and available for any green to use, regardless of their parent city. Outside behind the the building are facilities to clean patients prior to procedures and an outhouse. The building right behind the Infirmary house the offices of the medical faculty.
The Campus Infirmary is across from the KF Hall
video tour of the Infirmary