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Gorean Calendar
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Gorean Calendar There are twelve twenty-five day Gorean months, incidentally, in most of the calendars of the various cities. Each month, containing five five-day weeks, is separated by a five-day period, called the Passage Hand, from every other month, there being one exception to this, which is that the last month of the year is separated from the first month of the year, which begins with the Vernal Equinox, not only by a Passage Hand, but by another five-day period called the Waiting Hand (Assassin of Gor ) -Month of En'Kara (The First Turning)- ~First Week (March 20-25) Gorean New Year ~Second Week (March 26-30) The Fair of En'Kara ~Third Week (March 31-April 4) Wagon People, The Return to Turia ~Fourth Week (April 5-9) ~Fifth Week (April 10-14) First Passage Hand (April 15-19) The Planting Feast of Sa-Tarna -Second Month- ~First Week (April 20-24) ~Second Week (April 25-29) ~Third Week (April 30-May 4) ~Fourth Week (May 5-9) ~Fifth Week (May 10-14) Second Passage Hand (May 15-19) Wagon People Games of Love War -Month of Camerius- ~First Week (May 20-24) ~Second Week (May 25-29) ~Third Week (May 30-June 3) ~Fourth Week (June 4-8) ~Fifth Week (June 9-13) Third Passage Hand (June 14-18) -Month of En'Var (The First Resting)- ~First Week (July 19-23) Turian New Year ~Second Week (June 24-28) The Fair of En'Var ~Third Week (June 29-July 3) ~Fourth Week (July 4-8) ~Fifth Week (July 9-13) Fourth Passage Hand (July 14-18) -Fifth Month- ~First Week (July 19-23) ~Second Week (July 24-28) ~Third Week (July 29 -August 2) ~Fourth Week (August 3-7) ~Fifth Week (August 8-12) Kajuralia in Ar Fifth Passage Hand (August 13-17) Love Feast in Ar -Sixth Month- ~First Week (August 18-22) ~Second Week (August 23-27) ~Third Week (August 28-Sept. 1) ~Fourth Week (Sept. 2-6) ~Fifth Week (Sept. 7-11) Sixth Passage Hand (Sept. 12-16) -Month of Se'Kara- ~First Week (Sept. 17-21) ~Second Week (Sept. 22-26) The Passing of Turia (Wagon People) ~Third Week (Sept. 27-Oct. 1) The Fair of Se'Kara ~Fourth Week ( Oct. 2-6) ~Fifth Week (Oct. 7-11) Festival of the 25th of Se'Kara (Port Kar) Seventh Passage Hand (Oct. 12-16) -Eighth Month- ~First Week (Oct. 17-21) ~Second Week (Oct. 22-26) ~Third Week (Oct. 27-31)Feast of Fools ~Fourth Week (Nov.. 1-5) ~Fifth Week (Nov. 6-10) Eight Passage Hand (Nov. 11-15) -Ninth Month- ~First Week (Nov. 16-20) Torvaldsland, The Thing The Wintering ~Second Week (Nov. 21-25) ~Third Week (Nov. 26-30) ~Fourth Week (Dec. 1-5) ~Fifth Week (Dec. 6-10) Ninth Passage Hand (Dec. 11-15) -Month of Se'Var- ~First Week (Dec. 16-20) ~Second Week (Dec. 21-25) New Year (Wagon People) Fair of Se'Var ~Third Week (Dec. 26-30) ~Fourth Week (Dec. 31-Jan. 4) ~Fifth Week (Jan. 5-9) Tenth Passage Hand (Jan. 10-14) -Eleventh Month- ~First Week (Jan. 15-19) ~Second Week (Jan. 20-24) ~Third Week (Jan. 25-29) ~Fourth Week (Jan. 30-Feb. 3) ~Fifth Week (Feb. 4-8) Eleventh Passage Hand (Feb. 9-13) -Twelfth Month- ~First Week (Feb. 14-18) ~Second Week (Feb. 19-23) ~Third Week (Feb. 24-28) ~Fourth Week (March 1-5) ~Fifth Week (March 6-10) Twelfth Passage Hand (March 11-15) Southern Cities Carnival, Kajurlia in all cities except Ar. The Waiting Hand (March 16-20) Note: The Gorean use of “week” in the novels, weeks are weeks, not “hands” as is often misused.  ‘Hand’ is only used for the monthly ‘passage hands’ and one ‘waiting hand’ annually at the end of the twelfth month.
Gorean Calendar - what date is it? Gorean Calendar - what date is it? Gorean Calendar - what date is it? Gorean Calendar - what date is it?