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Drinks of Gor
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Drinks of Gor ALE: Gorean Ale is closer to a honey lager than an actually earth ale or beer it is a deep golden color. Popular in the area of Torvaldsland, it is traditionally served in a tankard or horn. It can be served cold or room temperature. "The Forkbeard himself now, from a wooden keg, poured a great tankard of ale, which must have been of the measure of five gallons. Over this he then closed his fist. It was the sign of the hammer, the sign of Thor. The tankard then, with two great bronze handles, was passed from hands to hands among the rowers. The men threw back their heads and, the liquid spilling down their bodies, drank ale. It was the victory ale." (Marauders of Gor, page 82) BAZI TEA: The tea from Bazi is very much like the orange pekoe of earth. Traditionally it was served exclusively in higher class establishments. The service of Bazi tea is a ceremonial ritual, and rarely changed. It is now a popular drink in the Tahari and several other select areas, it is drunk in three tiny cups, heavily sugared. Brewed fresh from Bazi tea leaves, we can assume the tea itself to be quite strong. "Tea is extremely important to the nomads. It is served hot and heavily sugared. It gives them strength then, in virtue of the sugar, and cools them, by making them sweat as well as stimulating them. It is drunk three small cups at a time, carefully measured."  (Tribesmen of Gor, page 38 and 140; Beasts of Gor pg 206) BLACK WINE: (noun): Made from coffee beans brought back on one of the early Voyages of Acquisition, this is the same as the coffee of earth. On Gor, the beans are grown on the slopes of the Thentis Mountains. This drink is rather expensive due to limited trading of the product. They are smaller than the originals. Black wine first slave is usually delivered with a small bowl of bosk cream (usually powdered) and 2 small bowls of sugar, one of White sugar and one of Yellow sugar, or prepared at the sideboard per the Free Person's specifications. Black wine second slave, when used referring to the serving of black wine, indicates that the consumer prefers to drink it without sugar or milk. The phrase originated from the ancient tradition of having the sugar and milk placed in the cup by one slave, after which the beverage was poured into the cup by a second slave. Plain black wine can be had even in lower class establishments. Served steaming hot, it can also be served in the style of the desert in small cups, very hot, thick and sweet with rock sugar. One bean ground will make enough black wine to serve several servings and that it is usually pre-made in a kettle and not made for individual servings "She carried a tray, on which were various spoons and sugars. She knelt, placing her tray upon the table. With a tiny spoon, its tip no more than a tenth of a hort in diameter, she placed four measures of white sugar, and six of yellow, in the cup; with two stirring spoons, one for the white sugar, another for the yellow, she stirred the beverage after each measure. She then held the cup to the side of her cheek, testing its temperature; Ibn Saran glanced at her; she, looking at him, timidly kissed the side of the cup and placed it before him. Then, head down, she withdrew." (Tribesmen of Gor, page 89) CHOCOLATE: Warmed chocolate, sugared, is popular in some cities. The cocoa beans originally brought over from the Voyages of Acquisition are now grown in the jungles of Gor themselves. Made from beans brought back on one of the early Voyages of Acquisition, this is the same as the chocolate of Earth. Hot chocolate is served in high-class establishments, as its rarity costs dearly, but it is a favorite of Master Wulfgar who enjoys it served with a dollop of freshly whipped bosk cream floating upon the top. "This is warmed chocolate," I said, pleased. It was very rich and creamy. "Yes, Mistress," said the girl. "It is very good," I said. "Thank you, Mistress," she said. "Is it from Earth?" I asked."Not directly," she said. "Many things here, of course, ultimately have an Earth origin.  (Kajira of Gor, page 61) FALARIAN WINE: Is rare wine, very expensive and never proven to exist. "There will be delicacies from as far away as Bazi and Anango," she said, "and we shall open vessels of Falarian from the private stores of the Ubar." Magicians of Gor "Among these petitioners came one fellow bringing with him the promise of a gift of wine, a wine supposedly secret, the Falarian, a wine only rumored among collectors to exist, a wine supposedly so rare and precious that its cost might purchase a city." (Mercenaries of Gor) KA-LA-NA:  A full bodied wine distilled from the fruit of the ka-la-na tree. It is red in color and  is usually served at room temperature or warm and even hot (as is preferred in Treve). The best and sweetest comes from the Plains of Ka-la-na and the most famous bottlers of this wine are from Glorious Ar. This drink can symbolize romantic love. I went to his locker near the mat and got out his Ka-la-na flask, taking a long draught myself and then shoving it into his hands. He drained the flask in one drink and wiped his hand across his beard, stained with the red juice of the fermented drink. (Tarnsman of Gor, page 79 & 168) KAL-DA:  A beverage, served hot from copper kettles, of inexpensive red Ka-la-na wine to which slices and juices of fruits, such as tospit and larma, and mulling spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon, are added. It is served in the fashion of the Sangria of earth, with pieces of the fruits and spices floating on top of the liquid. Kal-da may be less expensive than other alcoholic options. The spices and combination of fruits vary. LARMA JUICE: This is one of the many types of fruit juices available on Gor. Served cool and at times sold from stands to passing travelers within or around a city. A word of warning, offering larma juice means a slave wishes to be taken and used in a silent plea to be ravished. I purchased some larma juice for a tarsk bit. "Is it cool," I asked. "Yes," she said. (Mercenaries of Gor, pg 257) LIANA VINE: A rain forest plant which can be used as a source of drinking water. Another useful source of water is the liana vine. One makes the first cut high, over one’s head, to keep the water from being withdrawn by contraction and surface adhesion up the vine. MEAD: Ale, made with fermented honey, water, spices. This sweet drink is popular among those in Torvaldsland and other outlying areas. Traditionally served in a drinking horn but can be served in tankard. Mead is fermented with honey. this sweet drink is popular among those in Torvaldsland and other outlying areas. Traditionally served in a drinking horn. "Here Jarl," said Thyri, again handing me the horn. It was filled with the mead of Torvaldsland, brewed from fermented honey, think and sweet. (Marauders of Gor, page 90) MILK: Three types of milk are mentioned within the books. - Bosk milk which is thick and sweet. (also powdered bosk milk) - Verr milk which is much like goat milk. - Sand kaiila milk which is reddish colored and very salty.
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