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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Courses that will give you a general overview of Gor and specifically SL Gor, are offered continuously.  There is reading of Gorean novels and a weekly radio talk show.  Classes on Gorean life, animals, fauna, caste system, Home Stone and governance are offered occasionally.  The weekly Gorean Trivia contest is fun. Courses on Sim Moderation & also Sim Management are offered, along with scripting & building courses.
OUTLAW WOMEN & KUR Campus prides itself that classes are taught by those that actually RP or are in the castes or roles they present to students. Panther Girls Discussion All About Tanning Talunas All About the Kurii
FREE WOMEN Quality Gorean free women courses are presented by outstanding instructors.  They cover all aspects of being a free woman on Gor, dress, deportment. behaviour Gorean Free Women 101 (diploma) FW Fundamentals (seminar series) also a Free Woman dance class
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