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LOW CASTES Low castes are interesting and too often are forgotten.  Campus offers low caste diploma courses and hopes to expand the offerings further. Slavers Caste Metalworkers Caste Merchant Caste Sleen Trainers Woodsman Caste Players Caste Assassins Caste Perfumers Caste
PHILOSOPHY Gor is much more than moving an avatar around and serving paga or swinging a sword. The various philosophy diploma courses get you thinking and knowing Gor on a deeper more fulfilling level. Philosophy of Gor Three Pillars of Gor Philosophy of Gorean Slavery
GOREAN GAMES Campus presents numerous “how to” classes, opportunities to play as well as tournaments of Zar and Kaissa. Zar a strategy board game allowing free and slave to enjoy, and Kaissa the fascinating board strategy game resembling chess. Boards for both games are always at your service in the Campus Inn and in the Tavern on Campus South. Zar Instruction Kaissa Instruction
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