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KAJIRI (Slave Courses) Numerous diploma courses, at different levels are presented for slaves, from basic knowledge to becoming among the best in SL Gor.  Kajiri Foundations an elite, intensive diploma course, home study and class/tests,  KF diploma certifies the graduates as a ‘Didicit Kajira’ or ‘Didicit Kajirus’ among the very best slaves in
ROLE PLAY Role Play is a key component to enjoying your experience in SL Gor.  We have numerous classes on RP within many courses and diploma courses: Virtual Serving Items Fundamentals of Role Play Role Playing Basics Creating Role Play RP with different cultures (series)
GOREAN BASICS Gorean Basics (GB) classes are taught throughout the week on Campus, in various timezones.  These lessons are tailored to both free and slaves to provide the basics of getting started in SL Gor. Eight (8) weekly GB drop-in seminars, each are unique, independent and students are welcome to attend all. Also a Gorean Basics class in Portuguese language is offered
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