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Nela Baths (on Campus South) In the South west of Campus South, behind the Sea Sleen Tavern is a  fortress like structure of Tahari architecture. This is the Nela Baths, names after Nela of the Capacian Baths from Assassin of Gor.  The Baths, are an elegant facility of spacious, inter connected pools and additional rooms. In addition to Gorean bath, the Baths are part of the Kajira Training Centre and used for kajiri training in the pleasant art & ritual procedure of bathing the free & massage.  To bathe & massage a free is a vital skill set of a slave along with serving, dance, cooking & sex.    Built in the spirit of the Capacian Baths. Gorean baths are important social centres in Gorean cities.  The Campus Baths are available to the Gorean public when not in use for Campus classes.  
on Campus South, the Baths are behind the Sea Sleen Tavern, a fortress like Tahari compound
video tour of the Baths