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                                             Having run the Gorean Legal Academy (GLA) for over seven years, providing law and self-study scribe courses, I decided to found the Gorean Campus in 2011. I wished to increase the variety of classes and events offered to the free Goreans and slaves of Second Life Gor. Working closely with the Campus staff and kajirae, we have found the demand for courses to be vibrant. A variety of excellent teachers have joined us and given their time freely. We offer courses in classroom and home study, in all things Gorean including basic Gorean knowledge, Caste roles, slave training, regional and culture courses, the renowned Kajiri Foundations course and various events and exhibitions. We have a Great Gorean Zoo for a hands on experience of Gorean animals, a chapel, Kaissa and Zar at the inn, the occasional film show, live music and dance exhibitions. Our library is acclaimed as the finest in SL Gor. It does require a major commitment to make it happen but the rewards are worth it, happy students who enjoy the classes and the hope that we will all see Gor thrive....
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Message from the Creator of Campus Lady Janette Inglewood
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